How to prepare a relaxing bath

by Lisa Dzapasi

There simply is nothing better  than getting into a nice bath after a long day at work or sleepless night. When all you dream of is getting rid of all the makeup you used to cover up the sleepless nights and really relax. 

So why not let us help you create your own sanctuary and have an hour away from the rest of the family to take some well deserved ‘you time’?

To create the perfect relaxing experience you must prepare. For some inspiration on how to prepare a relaxing bath look no further. We have some tips that are sure to get you sitting back relaxing and taking some time out from the outside world.

What you need:



Fresh Towels

Face Mask, Bath Salt and Body Scrub, Bath Salt and Body Scrub Duo

Essential oils (if they are not already contained in your products)



Candles are well known for their soothing and healing properties. They create a wonderfully peaceful ambience. Their gentle glow helps to ease and soothe the mind.

Prep your Skin

Body exfoliation works in various ways: The exfoliating granules help to remove dead skin, preparing it to receive and better absorb moisturisers. The rubbing action aids circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes, improving the blood flow to the skin’s surface.

As well as the physical benefits, body exfoliation  can lift your spirits and make you feel good and in the present moment. Being mindful of the refreshing textured massage and the inspiring scent of essential oils allow you to enjoy the treatment as it’s happening, an experience that can affect your outlook as you continue your day.

Essential Oils

Using products containing essentials oils is definitely a wise choice. Essential oils are most commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy and are which they are inhaled through various methods. Essential oils may help relieve stress. Our Bath Salt and Body Scrub contain Rose Essential oil known to reduce Stress, fights anxiety and in turn relaxes your body and mind. 

Buy a bath pillow

Having a bath pillow is a great idea, especially if you like to spend a good hour or so in the bath. Sit back relax and close your eyes with your face mask on (don’t fall asleep) and switch your mind off. - Having a pillow will provide you with the comfort to do so.


Sponge yourself down

Gently sponging yourself down with a nice soft sponge has been proven to help you to relax. The sponge can buff away any dry skin and help to exfoliate and get rid of any dry patches that may be causing irritation to the skin. You will come out of the tub with soft and smooth skin. 

Fresh Towels

After getting out of the bath you will want to snuggle up in a soft warm towel. We’re not saying go and buy yourself a fresh batch of towels, but ensuring you’ve got a clean freshly washed towel at the ready is pretty handy. Go all out! Why not also treat yourself to a pair of spa slippers and a dressing gown too!