Deep Nourishing Oil

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A 100% natural, organic and nourishing blend of oils. Its the perfect all in one product enriched with:

  • Rosehip Oil - high in linoleic and lonolenic acids that help keep cell walls strong, locking in hydration in the skin and hair
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil - promotes skin hydration, elasticity & cell regeneration. It helps treat acne & scarring. Has anti-inflammatory properties & strengthens hair strands
  • Borage Oil - high in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), helps reduce inflammation associated with acne and supports fuller hair growth
  • Tamanu Oil 'green gold' - facilitates skin rejuvenation, soothes, repairs, & diminishes appearance of scars. Encourages stronger, longer, and healthier hair growth. It also soothes the scalp & skin. 


Hair: Apply to scalp & gently massage to moisturise & nourish scalp to create a clean scalp that encourages hair growth. Use to seal ends of hair strands to avoid split ends. 

Face & Body: Can be used alone or mixed with your usual face or body cream.  

Size: 100ml Glass Bottle

Full ingredients list:

Rosehip oil, Rose essential oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Argan oil, Borage oil, Tamanu oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E.