Following a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome diagnosis, I struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation. 

Despite trying what felt like every product and chemical peel available, nothing truly worked.   

In researching products to help with acne and pigmentation and speaking with friends and family, Lisa soon realised that there was still a deep lack of awareness about the condition, particularly amongst black women.  

“Dealing with the symptoms if PCOS was difficult, but I what pains me more is the overall lack of awareness about the condition and what signs to look out for. I wanted to create a product that helped deal with the physical consequences of PCOS but also enlighten women on what PCOS is and encourage them to get themselves checked out.” Lisa Dzapasi, Founder of Ethereall  

Frustrated with mainstream brands but determined to find a solution, Lisa took matters into her own hands, researching the traditional skin and haircare remedies from her Zimbabwean background.   

Two things that stood out was the culture’s emphasis on organic ingredients and their respect for the environment.   

In a short time, Lisa started to see results with her homemade skin and hair products and Ethereall was born, thousands of miles away from her Zimbabwean hometown.   

Each hair and skincare product is plant and mineral based and free from sulphate and parabens.  

Keen to fuse beauty with wellness, the product range draws from the Ayurvedic philosophy - each product has an aromatherapy element to it: calming, balancing, uplifting and e


Ethereal Today

A few years later, several methods tried and tested, I wanted to share with you what is known today as ‘Ethereal’.

Ethereal is here to help you fully embrace and enjoy your natural beautyI truly believe that with natural ingredients, a little patience and discipline we can all enhance our beautiful and unique hair and skin.  


Lisa Christine Dzapasi