Hey I’m Lisathe founder of Ethereal Hair & Skin Care. I wanted to take you on my personal hair and skin journey and what led to the creation of Ethereal. I hope it inspires you and helps you reflect on your own personal journey so far.  



I have 4C hair that I inherited from my dad. It is kinky, and dries out quickly which I found very difficult to manage. At the age of 11 begged my mum to relax my hair (a lotion/cream that chemically alters the texture of your hair). I thought having hair that looked and felt like my peers will solve all my issues, however, after this decision I found that my hair only grew to shoulder-length and I was convinced it was not capable of growing any longer. 

My "Big Chop"

In 2014, after years of putting harsh chemicals in my hair and having no idea what my real hair texture actually looked or felt like, I made the decision to do the “big-chop”. And so my natural hair journey began.  

I didn't really know what I was doing so I took what I considered to be the safe-route and kept my hair in any protective hairstyle I could think of. I will put my hands up and say I turned in to a big of a product-junkie too! Purchasing anything that promised “long-lasting moisture”, “extra sheen” or “manageable hair”. 


4 years post my big chop I realised I hadn't seen any real growth and my hair was looking damaged. I decided to do the "big chop" again. I knew this time if I truly wanted healthy hair, I would need to take the time to research and listen to my hairs need. And so the journey of Ethereal Hair began. 

I began creating natural, homemade hair products and testing them out on myself and all my loved ones. After receiving such great feedback and seeing real-life results I knew I wanted to share this with the world and now I am proud to say I have a beautiful and healthy 14.5 inch afro!



Identifying My Insecurities 

I suffered from really bad hormonal breakouts which caused scarring and was desperate to find quick solutions to fix this. I found myself spending over £6,000 over the course of 3 years trying out many chemical solutions; from face peels and hydra-facial creams to laser treatments, all in the pursuit of achieving flawless skin. 

I remember one treatment in particular where I received a burn on my neck, this caused me to become very self-conscious and made me realise the insecurities I had with my skin. I knew this couldn’t go on, I had to find a solution for this. 

Building My Confidence

Being of Zimbabwean heritage and coming from an animal and nature loving family, my parents would always use fresh ingredients and natural remedies whenever my siblings and I felt unwell; these were always very effective without any adverse effects. This got me thinking, why am I not taking the same approach with my skin? After all, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. I spent a few years researching healing remedies and natural ingredients that had the desired properties to help correct my pigmentation and dry skin. 

Ethereal Today

A few years later, several methods tried and tested, I wanted to share with you what is known today as ‘Ethereal’.

Ethereal is here to help you fully embrace and enjoy your natural beautyI truly believe that with natural ingredients, a little patience and discipline we can all enhance our beautiful and unique hair and skin.  


Lisa Christine Dzapasi