Is Ethereall cruelty free?

Yes, we are proudly a cruelty free company. 

Is Ethereall vegan?

Yes, we are a vegan brand so all our products are vegan friendly.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, we offer digital gift cards. A unique code is generated upon purchase. The recipient can enter the code at checkout to deduct the gift card value from their total order value. The gift card expires after a year. You can purchase one here

How do Ethereall source their ingredients?

We sustainably source our ingredients from certified UK based suppliers only in order to ensure that our ingredients are of the highest quality, while remaining sustainable.

Where is Ethereall based?

Ethereall  HQ is based in London, UK. 

Where can I purchase Ethereall products?

You can either purchase products right here on our website, or from The Shopping Circle, The Drop by Styling Magazine, Soronk Box and Jamii

How can I collaborate with Ethereall? 

Email info@etherealskin.co.uk expressing your interest and we will be sure to get back to you. 

Do Ethereall sell recyclable products?

Yes, all 'secondary' packaging (wraps and boxes) are fully recyclable, and the majority of our 'primary' packaging (bottles, jars) is recyclable too. However, each local government council has different recycling abilities, so it's worth checking in with them about which materials are recyclable in your local area.

We're always working towards our packaging becoming more environmentally friendly. Click here to find out more about our packaging.

 Do the products contain preservatives?

Yes, many of our products do contain a safe preservative system. This is required to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast and mould when the product has got water as water is required for them to grow. So where water is present in our formulations, we use safe and gentle preservatives. Wherever possible we also use innovative packaging and some waterless formulations to minimise the preservatives required.

Are natural products better for the hair and skin?

Everyone's hair and skin is as unique as they are, so the products that suit you are unique too. We believe that the plants and fruits that we use are some of the most nutritious for hair and skin, as they are abundant in minerals and vitamins.  Mother nature usually offers the most nutritious options. 

What skin type is Ethereall suitable for?

We have products to suit every skin type! To find products perfect for your skin needs and concerns please read up on our product page.

What hair type is Ethereall suitable for?

Our hair-care ranges are formulated to care for kinky, curly and coily hair (KCC hair) 

Will the products aggrivate my skin?

As everyone's levels of sensitivity are unique, we recommend a patch test before using our products if you have particularly sensitive skin, as many do contain active ingredients and essential oils.

Is Ethereall dermatologically tested?  

Ethereall is not dermatologically tested and dermatologist testing is not a regulated requirement within skincare/cosmetics. There is also no standard testing, so this can vary greatly when carried out.