Our Story

Who We Are

Ethereal: extremely light and delicate.

Ethereall Hair & Skin Care founded by Lisa Dzapasi was created from a personal need for natural, organic and effective hair and skincare.

What We Stand For

The core meaning of ‘Ethereall’ is reflected in each and every one of our products, designed to be weightless on the hair and skin while effective enough to achieve that natural glow using natural ingredients.

Our Values

Our ingredients are vegan, animal and cruelty-free; carefully sourced from trusted British suppliers.

Nutrient rich plant oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, flower hydrolats and botanical actives are used throughout, to give a range that harnesses pure plant power. Each product has an aromatherapy element to it: calming, balancing, uplifting, energising and passion. Drawing from the Ayurvedic philosophy to treat the body as a whole, we believe that to nourish the body, we must also nourish the mind.

We believe in transparency which is why each one of our ingredients are listed at the back of our products and explained on our products page. We want to educate you on the beneficial properties of each ingredient, giving you the confidence of knowing what you're putting in your hair and on your skin. 

We care about the environment just as much as we do self-care, so we operate in an eco-friendly and sustainable mannerOur main form of packaging is glass so that you can recycle and also up-cycle our packaging. Make sure you hashtag #etherealltribe to show us all the fun and exciting ways you’ve done this.

Our products are beautifully and ethically hand-made in small batches in West London and preserved naturally.

Giving Back 

To find out more about how you are helping give back to the community by purchasing our products, click here.